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CISO Guide to Supply Chain Code Security

Code has also become the largest and most insidious attack vector in the enterprise.  Colonial pipeline, the Kaseya attack, Samsung and NVIDIA, all massive attacks, originated in software from within organizations, pointing to a vulnerable internal software supply chain. Code today is made up of parts and pieces from various sources - organic code developed internally, third-party components and open source software and this makes up the software supply chain.

As enterprises embrace rapid application development for speed to market, developers may view security policies and controls as things that get in the way. Organizations have invested in network and end-point security that are hindering an attacker's progress. Sophisticated, technically astute hackers are now turning to bigger, juicier targets - the internal software supply chain. 

Learn how emerging techniques can be leveraged to counter this rapidly evolving threat and how information security teams can collaborate with application security and development teams to ensure that the right level of protection is in place.

Key take-aways

  • What make up the highest areas of risk related to software supply chain security.
  • Threats are evolving, learn how to secure your code and keep IP from being exposed.
  • How to monitor key risks in code, both inside and outside the enterprise.
  • Five steps leaders can take to keep their organization safe.

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