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Got Git? You have security vulnerabilities. 

The problem of secrets in code—security credentials like tokens, API keys or passwords—is pervasive. Researchers recently found that over 1,000 secrets are leaked everyday, leaving companies at risk for breaches, ransomware and abuse. 

BluBracket is the first comprehensive security and compliance solution for code. Our CodeInsights product provides a detailed BluPrint of your code and developers, and a scan of all vulnerabilities in code.

We are offering a free scan and detailed Public Code Security Report for those companies using GitHub-- with no obligation. You will gain knowledge of credential vulnerabilities as well as insight into developer activity. 

What's Included?

Our Free Code Security Audit and Report takes only 30 minutes of your time. We will walk you through a report that includes:

  • How many total and confirmed secrets in code or other vulnerabilities that can put your at risk.
  • Which developers committed those secrets to public code. 
  • Total number of repositories and organizations linked to your company. 
  • Potential PII in code available for all to see. 
  • Which developers are most active in your organization. 
  • The number of new repositories created in the last 30 days.
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Industry support for BluBracket.


“BluBracket understands the challenge that companies like ours face and has built a unique platform to help us protect our data assets.”

John Terrill | CISO


“Securing code is a key piece of our security puzzle, and it’s clear BluBracket's vision delivers comprehensive security for the modern software development cycle.”

Bill Martiner | Head of Enterprise Technology 


"We’re excited to work with BluBracket on this important solution that protects our valuable IP and our underlying systems."

John Visneski | Data Protection Officer


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