A five point checklist to code security to determine your code risk profile and protect yourself from hacks from code. 
  • Code has become the #1 attack surface for hackers.
  • AppSec and DevSecOps teams need to understand their code risk profile and be prepared for this new risk.
  • This eBook will run through the five steps to code security and what you can do to protect yourself.


The Code Security Imperative

BluBracket is the industry's only comprehensive solution for code security.

 Git is a challenge to set up securely. BluBracket provides complete code visibility so you know what code is at risk, who has access to it and how to prevent code and secrets from leaking.

There are many aspects to code security but one that is frequently overlooked is Git misconfigurations. Folders containing secrets can be left open and available. There have been many breaches from code over the last two years including SolarWinds, Nissan and many more. 

BluBracket offers a completely free version of its Code Security Suite.

The top security risks from code:

  • Secrets and PII left in code allowing hackers to enter other parts of your technology stack
  • Misconfigured Git repos that result in breaches and leaked code
  • Leaked or stolen code that contains valuable IP, secrets or PII
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